Sherlock Hoolia: The Purple Sweater

Last week, in the “Falling Clothes” post, I opened the case to find out which neighbor had my clothes that fell from my laundry line. It’s been an intense, week long case, but I can officially say the case has been closed.

A day or two later, I found my towel and t shirt on the top of the mailboxes. Assuming the neighbor didn’t know whose clothes actually fell, since my building has many floors, the neighbor did the right thing. However, a purple sweater, the nicest item of the three, was missing. Mysterious. So, I rang the doorbell of the neighbor I thought had the clothes, but she was not home, so I wrote a note.  A few days later, she wrote a note back acknowledging the three items she found. Aha, I thought, she did find THREE items, not just two. Over the next few days, I knocked more times in search of the purple sweater, but again, to no avail, so I wrote another note asking about the sweater. Dead silence resulted.

Last night, as I was coming home from watching the Barca futbol game, I saw her leaving her apartment and that’s when I made progress in my case. After receiving some strange faces from her during our chat, she said she put all the clothes on top of the mailboxes. She later went on to say the sweater would not fit her, as if I was accusing her. I either have to work on my detective tactics or she needed to realize I was simply asking.

In the end, it’s clear another neighbor took the sweater and I’m not getting it back. To add insult to injury, she said no more accidents should happen because I need to pin the clothes better. Geez woman, point taken. And to add even more insult to injury, last night when I was taking the clothes off the line (and none had fallen), I accidentally dropped another shirt. It was in my hand, then out. Ay yi yi.


2 Responses to Sherlock Hoolia: The Purple Sweater

  1. Meems says:

    this is my favorite post to date! I indeed laughed out loud.

  2. […] my own horn for a second. I think one of my funniest posts is on my fiasco getting accustomed to drying clothes al natural. I have yet to see a single dryer in this city, which is something most Americans see on […]

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