Aiwa Bira Minfadlak

The title of this post is the only phrase in Arabic I know, thanks to Roger, one of my course tutors in case you forgot. I thought it was only appropriate leading into the weekend, considering it means, “One more beer please.” And in Spanish, on a Friday night, “Una mas cerveza” is quite commonly heard because Spaniards sure like their beer! Now, I’m not sure why I need to know how to ask for a beer in multiple languages, especially in Arabic. But, I guess it’s a handy expression to have in my back pocket, just on the off chance I find myself in Egypt, possibly in the middle of the desert, wanting to find the closest bar.

Why is their in italics you wonder? While Heineken and other imported beers are available to order (though sadly not Stella or Blue Moon), the most common beers Spaniards will drink are ones brewed here in Spain. Estrella Damm is the most popular, both on tap and in the bottle. Moritz, Mahou and San Miguel are also hot choices. I am a beer girl, so I enjoy most of these brands, though of course not that often considering the calories. A girly comment, I know, but moderation is key. Ordering a “cana” is the way to go, which means a small pint in a glass, fresh off the tap. And with the perfect pour and after a long day, boy does it taste good, good, good!

Drinking beer is as much part of the Spanish culture as anything else, the way I see it. Out in the plazas, on bar stools or at tables, beer seems to be as much part of a meal as rice or potatoes.  Or, beer can even be its own meal, but that’s not a good route to take 🙂

Well, all this talk of beer sounds awfully nice. I think I’ll have one (or two) tonight to celebrate the end of a great week. Hope you all do the same!

With every sip comes a cheers…



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