Pray for Me!

As I mentioned in my post earlier this week on cold weather, I’m off to go skiing this weekend up north. It’s been about a year since I have gone skiing, so I am wishing myself luck ahead of time (and hoping you all do the same)! 

I consider myself to be an athletic person, but when it comes to skiing, often times my a&* sees the mountain more than I would like. I never learned to turn well, so while sometimes I can fudge it and move steadily, often times the ski gets stuck in my turn and I go tumbling.  However, if I stick with the blue level runs, I tend to be ok. It’s just when I get a little too ambitious and think the black levels don’t look THAT hard when I show myself how poorly I actually ski. For example, I was feeling pretty arrogant the last time I went to Tahoe, no falls all day practically, so I finished with a black diamond. The last part of the black was a green, so very easy, and in my joy I caught the ice and banged my head on it, only to get a mini concussion and almost, almost cause ski patrol to come after me (but don’t worry mom!).

And to add a few other interesting elements to the trip, one of my friends who I’m going with told me, “Don’t worry, we’ll go fast.” Little does he know that fast and Hoolia do not mix on the mountain! I guess he will see soon enough that I like to slowly make my way down, taking in the view, observing the people 🙂 Plus, I’m the only girl in the group and I’m the only non-Spaniard (again, don’t worry mom). SO, we shall see how it goes, but it will definitely be cool to go and add another experience to my repertoire. And while it may go without saying, The Hoolia Blog is taking a mini hiatus, but shall return next week!

Here is where we are going…





3 Responses to Pray for Me!

  1. Suzy says:

    What’s wrong with ice skating?

  2. Suzy says:

    What’s wrrong with ice skating?????

  3. George says:

    Oh I get it…you’re going water skiing! Doesn’t look too hilly…

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