The Camera Adds Ten Pounds

The title of this post is from one of the funnier “Friends” quotes, of course when it’s in context. But why, might you wonder, am I writing now about a show that has been off the air for years? Well, wait no longer to find out. When I was in England for the December holidays, I bought all the Friends episodes in a package and I have been enjoying episodes almost daily here. In fact, at only 22 minutes per episode and none of the commercial garbage, I have found myself getting into a nice little episode-watching routine, usually right before heading into lala land and especially when I was so sick (side note: today, Saturday, is the first day I am finally starting to feel better, so yay!).

As I mentioned in the first month, I don’t really miss having television, nor do I miss most of my favorite shows. I’m perfectly content with my three Spanish channels of television that I hardly watch, BUT, I have become rather fond of watching the Friends series on my computer. It has become a television luxury of sorts, constantly making me laugh out loud and fall asleep smiling. The show is just really funny, really witty and definitely one of my favorites ever.

So without further adieu, I’ll explain the full context for the joke I referenced above. In one episode, the gang watched old Monica and Rachel prom videos, where Monica was very overweight. In her defense, she said the camera adds 10 pounds, to which Chandler responded, “Exactly how many cameras were on you?!” I know it’s quite mean, yet, it’s pretty funny too. Ahhh, how sad I will be when I reach season 10 and have no more episodes to watch…Right now, I’m on season 8, telling all my real life friends, as Rachel did, “Want to hug it out? Come on, let’s hug it out.” 🙂



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