The Cutest, The Funniest….

And also the biggest pain in the neck award goes to….Neus! I have written about Neus a few times in the past, but when she continues to entertain me each class, I have to share her latest antics.

While she drives me crazy with her constant, “Espera (wait)!” or all the “Noooo’s” she always says, I think she is absolutely adorable and each class brings a whole new set of laughs. A few weeks ago, I was drinking a bottle of Sprite and brought it over to the lesson because I had not finished it. Her eyes grew 100% bigger when she saw the bottle and asked if she could have a sip. The next question was what side of the bottle I had sipped from and I told her I sipped on all of it, to which she gave a sigh of disappointment/disgust. She then thought about it, took a post it note, folded it, put it in the bottle and ultimately made a pseudo straw. Pretty creative, but when the Sprite fell down her dress (and she subsequently just took it off despite me telling her it’s not a big deal), her idea backfired! However, with a puppy dog look, she asked if she could finish it and I just couldn’t say no. I mean, she is only 5 years old after all!

Whether it’s leaving the room in the middle of an activity only to get her stuffed dog to learn with us or blowing her nose in my face to get a rise out of me, ya never know what you will get with her. We even played a flashcard game with food the other day, where she had half the stack and I had the other, but she wanted me to have the pineapple from her stack simply because she didn’t like it. And if it’s not something like that, it’s her taking my iPod out of my bag, putting the headphones in her ears and walking around the room dancing and smiling (and in this case, listening to Tom Petty’s “I Won’t Back Down”).

I may just have to start a Neus series, assuming the humor translates, because it just gets better. The more and more comfortable she is with me, the more she tests me. But despite it all, when she didn’t see me for two weeks, she gave me a huge hug and my heart melted. Of course, she wouldn’t let go for a while, but nothing would be the same if Neus didn’t add her own little style to it. And with Lex here (which we are having a blast by the way), maybe she’ll be the first person from my outside world to meet the little bugger on Wednesday. I hope so!


4 Responses to The Cutest, The Funniest….

  1. Suzy says:

    She sounds terrific. Wish we could have met her.

    Sounds like fun and so glad you are enjoying it all!!!

  2. […] laaa. And that rose, handmade I might add, was from my cute little student, now famous on THB, Neus! A typical rose stand with the Catalonia flag And a bordering book […]

  3. Lex says:

    Yes, I met her. And yes, she is totally cute! I loved the little Disney-esque princess dress she was wearing. Some things are universal! Little girls love to be princesses.

  4. […] Trip to the Hospital But again, not because I was sick, thank goodness. Unfortunately, little Neus, who is no stranger to THB, is in the hospital this week suffering from pneumonia. But nothing […]

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