As If One Valentine’s Day Is Not Enough…

Catalonia has to go and celebrate another one! Well, not exactly Valentine’s Day, but today is Sant Jordi and that means that once again, love is in the air. Not to mention that Jordi is the Catalan name for George, my big brother, so I will be celebrating today in his honor 🙂

In a nutshell, women give men books and men give women roses today. Thus, another name for today is “day of the book” and “day of the roses.” And why such a unique tradition? Well, according to Wikipedia, a rose is for love and a book is forever.”  Also, both Shakespeare and Cervantes, a legendary Spanish writer, died on this date and though the rose tradition dates back to medieval times, the book aspect to the day originates from their deaths years later.

Apparently, by the end of today, a whopping 4 million roses will have been purchased and over 800,000 books, all in the name of love, love, love!! There will be parties on the streets where the national dance of Catalonia is performed (called Sardana), stands all over the city selling books and roses, street performers/musicians in all the plazas to add to the romantic ambiance of the day, etc. Though I teach the majority of today, once I’m done, Lex and I will be joining the celebrations, thinking, “Show us the love!”

On a similar note, much to my surprise, I haven’t even left the house today, but I did get a rose. Ooo laaa laaa. And that rose, handmade I might add, was from my cute little student, now famous on THB, Neus!

A typical rose stand with the Catalonia flag

A typical rose stand with the Catalonia flag

And a bordering book stand

And a bordering book stand


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