Yet Another Trip to the Hospital

But again, not because I was sick, thank goodness. Unfortunately, little Neus, who is no stranger to THB, is in the hospital this week suffering from pneumonia. But nothing stops English lessons and let me tell ya, hospitals and I are slowly becoming like peanut butter and jelly!

When I heard the news, I quickly went to a store to buy her a stuffed animal. I bought her a Gund teddy bear because when I was little/now (but shh), that brand was always my favorite. When I arrived to the hospital, my jaw dropped. I was confused for a second, thinking, “Is this a hospital or a 5 star hotel?!” It was very hard to tell the difference and upon entering the lobby through the lush gardens, I thought again, “Is this an information desk or is this a concierge desk?” Regardless, up I went to Neus’ suite, yes, suite.

First things first, we had to pick a name for the bear. I suggested Bob, then Princess, to which she said her famous, “Nooo” and later decided on “Gol” with no aid at all (goal in Spanish). Point Neus, great name! Her mom said she was asking all day when I was going to be there, but when I arrived, she didn’t want to do anything I brought to do. So in true Neus style, she invented her own games. First, a pseudo puppet show behind the cushion of her mom’s bed, then hide and go seek with her three animals, Gol being one. She also put stamps all over my arm and when I gave her one as well, she licked it off, saying her mom says it’s bad to put stamps on skin. Ay yi yi 🙂 And so the lesson continued with Neus strapped to an IV and tubes, but nothing stopping her big spirit from shining.

In the end, she asked if I was going to come back the next day, to which I had to sadly tell her no. Talk about heart wrenching, but next Wednesday will come soon enough and hopefully she will be all recovered!

Clinica Teknon, aka, the hospital

Clinica Teknon, aka, the hospital

Gol at the park, to which Neus asked, "WHY did you take Gol to the park?!"

Gol at the park, to which Neus asked, "WHY did you take Gol to the park?!"


6 Responses to Yet Another Trip to the Hospital

  1. Meems says:

    yeah, why did you take the bear to the park?!

    • thehooliablog says:

      HA, I bought the bear on my way to the park and just thought I would take a photo of it once I got there. Pretty harmless, but not to her!

  2. Leah says:

    So cute! You are one great teacher! I am so impressed!

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