Moto Chicas and Chicos

I think it’s pretty well known that a popular form of transportation in Europe, even more so than cars at times, is riding a scooter/motorcycle (motos here). And there are absolutely no shortage of them in Barcelona, that’s for sure!

Always the first in line at stop lights, as if they too are lined up to start the Mario Kart race, the moto drivers are pretty interesting to observe. I can’t help but laugh a little when I see a woman driver wearing a tight skirt and heels, smoking a cigarette, talking on the phone, and wearing a helmet as the final accessory. It’s just weird. Then of course there are the people who are really small for such a big bike, the people who think they are complete bad asses, revving their motos engines and all, and then the little jalopy type scooters that people ride proudly. I’ve seen everything from the Ferrari of motorcycles, Ducati, to nicer scooters like Vespas, to ones that remind me of the scooter Lloyd and Harry rode in Dumb and Dumber (see below for an image that hopefully depicts what I’m talking about).

I have yet to be offered an official ride on a moto, which probably makes my mom happy, though I did get close, relatively speaking, a few weeks ago on my friend’s bike. We didn’t actually go anywhere, or even start the engine for that matter, but those are all just technicalities!

030 - Copy

David, Hoolia and Jos ready to go to the Danger Zone


Lloyd and Harry from Dumb and Dumber on their moto

Lloyd and Harry from Dumb and Dumber on their moto


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  1. Meems says:

    You should really credit your photographers!

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