Don’t Call Me, I’ll Call You

Actually, I take that back. You can call because the cell phone, rather, “mobile” situation here is quite different than in the States and I don’t love it. Not that I really gave it all too much thought in the past, but Europe seemed to be more advanced than the US in terms of mobile technology and mobile options. Well, it’s not true. Granted, I’m no expert on the market, by any means, but I”ll still grace you with my experience/assessment. So, take it for what it’s worth and with a grain of salt, while keeping in mind that I apologize in advance if I bore you to death!

I have a pay as you go plan which means that I put a certain amount of money on the phone every week and down the credit goes after every text/call. A text costs 15 cents and every time I make a call it’s 18 cents a minute, so the credit runs out pretty quickly. I have politely said “adios” to the days of calling people for a nice catch up or friendly chit chat, where I enjoyed hundreds of minutes, free nights and weekends, free mobile to mobile, etc. Instead, my phone is now more a utility, used for functionality and brief planning more than anything. Europeans can get contracts through the main providers (Telefonica, Orange and Vodafone), but as far as I understand, there is still a good amount of cost associated with a flat fee. Dios mio!

Additionally, I don’t see as many fancy schmancy phones here. About a month or so ago, my friend hacked my iPhone so it now works swimmingly, but PDA’s don’t seem to be nearly as prevalent here than in the US. I’ll spot an iPhone every so often or a Blackberry, but they aren’t as common as they are in say, for example, San Francisco 🙂 That’s because the costs and plans, especially for data, are so high!

Ya esta (that’s it). If you made it through this post, pat yourself on the back. I know, I know.


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