Bring Me 2 Pina Coladas and a Friend from Home

And that’s what will make up my upcoming weekend! On the tail end of his whirlwind tour across the world, Aren is stopping over in Barcelona to visit good ol’ me, myself and I. And considering I haven’t seen him since move out day in October, where he actually drove the UHaul and did most of the heavy lifting, I’m quite excited!

Aren took two months off from work and has traveled everywhere from Australia to Africa to India. He definitely worked hard for this break, so I’m happy he was able to take advantage of the world’s sites. Aren and I met about 1.5 years ago and have since enjoyed many adventures together, the most memorable being our trip last summer to Tahoe. We rented wave runners and he let me drive (scary, I know), which ultimately turned me into a mad woman on the lake. I was nuts, almost flipping us over a few times while fully accelarating.

More important though is Aren’s character. Yes, yes, the sap meter just went WAY up! He is a genuinely nice person who will always go the extra mile for a friend. When he arrives in a few hours, we are renting a car and driving to San Sebastian, on the northern coast, and it’s supposed to be one of the best seaside towns in all of Spain. Unfortunately, the forecast has rain in it, but as Jimmy Buffet referenced, with a pina colada (they do exist in Spain), a friend from home and more of the Mediterranean, what more could I ask for?



2 Responses to Bring Me 2 Pina Coladas and a Friend from Home

  1. Suzy says:

    sounds wonderful. have fun

  2. I want to go with you. And can I bring Max?
    Uncle Chuck

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