7 Months and Counting!

I realize I’m a bit late in writing one of my monthly recaps, but better late than never, which, on a side note,  is also clearly the mentality of the Spaniards!

Just when I thought life here was shaping up pretty nicely, along comes month 7 and wa la (as the Frenchies say), I had a lot of excitement. I’ll try to keep it brief…

1. I finally started seeing the fruits of my labor within my classes. I know what you may be thinking, my work is not really, well, laborious, but I have devoted a lot of effort into succeeding and it’s nice to see some results.  Within one week, at least 3 of my students drastically improved their English and I was really proud of them! I hope with more keep on keeping on, the improvements will continue.

2. I was able to mark off a city top on my list to see, San Sebastian, with a great friend nonetheless. I really enjoyed San Sebastian, then spending a few days in Barcelona with Aren and though he went home with a gross worm in his foot, I think he felt the same. Good thing the worm came from Africa and not Spain!

3. For the 5th time this experience, I went to France and every time I have gone has been fun, but seeing Julie and Jon added that much more to this visit. They were incredibly thoughtful, generous and overall good company. I hope they are enjoying the rest of their honeymoon (and not ordering the pan begnots any more)!

4. In month 5, I mentioned how Barcelona likely has a dent in its Coca Cola Zero supply thanks to me. Well, I have also developed a new love for Mediterranean/Lebonese food, more specically kebabs and falafels. I could live off those things (and probably have been doing just that)! The cooking is coming, just very sloowwwllly 🙂

Now, for the moment you have all been waiting for, a picture of little Neus, finally, and a few others!

A smiling and healthy Neus

A smiling and healthy Neus

Aren, almost trampled by the bulls

Aren, almost trampled by the bulls

Punt du Gord

Punt du Gord


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