Call It What You Want

Be it soda, pop or a fizzy drink, the fact of the matter is that there isn’t much variety of it here in Spain. Coca Cola dominates the market so much so that similar to how we ask for a Kleenex, as opposed to a tissue, people here ask for a Coca Cola when they want a soda. Pepsi has some presence, but not much, and that is almost the extent of the soda existence. Other than Fanta and Sprite/7Up, which are good alternatives, I’m starting to miss a nice glass of Dr. Pepper or Root beer (though as you know I have been fortunate enough to find a can or two at the specialty shops). Or, even better, cream soda!

I have never really been that big of a soda drinker, as I mentioned last week, but I guess being here brings out the soda drinker in me. I’ll admit though that I think it’s more the caffeine I like than anything, though I have absolutely no problems taking a siesta/nap after an hour of drinking caffeine and it does give me the shakes at times! I live a hard life, I know 🙂

After discussing the soda situation with one of my students earlier this week, I find it really interesting how Spaniards like their sodas very basic. My student told me that Cherry Coke was introduced to the Spanish market a few years back, but failed, to which I told her we have many popular flavors of Coke (lime, lemon, cherry, vanilla, etc.). Then I continued to explain all the other sodas we have in general, like grape, strawberry, black cherry, etc. She was surprised.

I have cut back on the Coca Cola Zeros and went from maybe 5 a week to 2, if even. And, some bars/cafes only have Coca Cola Light and not Coca Cola Zero, to which I now say, “No thank you.” So there you have it, probably more than you ever wanted or cared to know about the soda situation in Spain. Take that knowledge and run!

My fridge, post specialty store run!

My fridge, post specialty store run!


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