The Pyrenees and a First for THB

Like all the mystery lately? First there was the big announcement and now you’ll have to wait, though just to the middle of the post, to find out the THB first. That’s just how I roll lately!

In February, then again in March, I went skiing in the Pyrenees. This weekend, because yes, there is yet another holiday, I will be going to the Pyrenees again for a little r&r and staying at a quaint mom and pop bed and breakfast. There is no snow quite yet, but the weather should be nice and great to go bike riding, horseback riding, hiking in the parks or whatever my little heart desires. But this time there is not just a “me,” there is a “we,” which leads into THB’s first.

Intentionally, I have never written about any dates or romantic relationships I’ve had here. I never wanted the blog to go in that direction, but I think now is a great opportunity to introduce Jos, my boyfriend of over 5 months and my friend of 9 months. And, my Pyrenees partner for all three of the trips!

Never in a million years did I think I would come to Barcelona and meet someone special, but low and behold, that is just what happened. Now, please don’t puke, but he really offsets the norm, or at least the norm I have come to known in my dating life. He calls when he says he will and calls when he doesn’t, he picks me over friends and makes me a priority, he is really generous, respectful, thoughtful and overall, just a really good-hearted, kind person. I’ll stop now, but I think he deserves some recognition considering I have left him out of every post, ever, on this blog šŸ™‚

He works as an engineer and has been in Romania for the past 6 weeks, helping open a new factory, though he has come back every weekend. Needless to say, it will be nice to spend time together, uninterrupted, in the beauty of the Pyrenees, embarking on even more adventures than we’ve already had. I hope everyone has an equally relaxing weekend, wherever you may be!

Out to a "just friends" dinner

Out to a "just friends" dinner

Out to dinner as a couple

Out to dinner as a couple


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