Oh Susana, I Wish You a Happy Birthday

A little bit of the oldies country song mixed with a birthday wish and wa-la (remember, as the Frenchies say), I’ve got the title to my next post. But of course, as always, it has meaning and today, my mom will be celebrating #…., well, I won’t say, but it is her birthday.

I know I ask this question about all the special people I write about in THB, but really, what can anyone ever write about his or her mom that does justice? I consider myself a writer, if only self-proclaimed, but it’s definitely hard to capture some people with words. And my mom does not fall under the “people” category anyway. There needs to be a separate category for people as special as her!

When I think of my mom, I think how she always, always puts other’s needs in front of her own and how she supports me unconditionally. She is a master knitter, Hunter’s best friend, a great artist, a reader, a recreational photographer (as she showed me in Barcelona when she took WAY better pics than Esteve), a supportive friend, a loving mom/daughter/wife/sister, an exercise lover, etc. And, she has always been the one to follow the ins and outs of my daily life, including the big events and the small, which has been incredibly comforting. So, while her hobbies and interests may be shared by others, how she does them, how she looks at life and her positive attitude makes her truly one of a kind.

I won’t be with her on her big day, obviously, but I will be with her in Spanish spirit, hoping not only the day is fantastic, but her year is as well! Feliz cumpleanos, madre mia!

My mom and I saying goodbye to the deck

My mom and I saying goodbye to the deck


2 Responses to Oh Susana, I Wish You a Happy Birthday

  1. Suzy says:

    What a nice surprise for me!!!!!..the best gift to wake up this morning!

    I love you!!!!

  2. You’re a sweet and thoughtful daughter.
    Love Uncle Chuck

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