Fashion Police Round 2

As promised during fashion police post #1, a second one would be coming and it didn’t take me long to build up the “ammunition” for this one. In fact, just one ride on the metro or just one long walk down to the center of town is good enough to find a whole new set of offenders. So get comfortable, the Hoolia fashion police is back!

Offense #1: “Dump” pants. While I personally gave this style of pants its name, they are absolutely ridiculous. They are pants that everyone seems to be wearing, styled looser in the front and back area, while tighter around the legs. Thus, it looks like people are carrying a load with them while walking. I have tried to capture offenders on camera, but without luck, so I don’t have a picture, but hopefully you can use your imagination.

Offense #2: Colored hair, really colored hair. You would be surprised at how many people in this city have purple and orange hair. Straight out of the dye package, from young to old, people proudly sport these colored locks. They deserve a ticket!

Offense #3: Cargo jeans. I have seen jeans of many styles here, from skinny jeans to jeans with holes to nice designer ones. Jeans are truly universal. Everyone wears them. But what everyone doesn’t wear, unless they are European, are jeans with pockets on the thighs. It’s not the biggest offense in the world, but it does deserve a fine!

Offense #4:  English t shirts that make no sense. English is the universal language, sure, but people who don’t speak English like to wear English t shirts. What they don’t realize is that the shirts they wear often times don’t make sense. “Something shy is going?” What does that mean? Or, “Perky” above a frog picture? My favorite was, “Still love me.” Did the person ever stop?! Ticket!

Offense #5 (borderline): I “heart” shirts. I see them all over the place, with the two most common being “I heart New York” and “I heart Barcelona.” I love the city pride and I may one day be wearing one as well, but to me, they are a bit tacky and lame. They just scream out tourist to me, so while it’s borderline, I’ll be keeping watch!

Offense #6: Jean on Jean. That was so 80’s! I have seen more jean jackets with jeans or some other form of an all jean outfit to make me think maybe an epidemic is starting. I hope not, because I will call in reinforcements on this one!

Believe it or not, I could keep going on and on with more offenses, but I think I have captured the main ones. Since the blog is winding down, fashion police won’t be back, but believe me, she will always be keeping a watchful eye!

A common hair color here...

A common hair color here...

One variation of the cargo jeans

One variation of the cargo jeans

And of course, the I heart shirt

And of course, the I heart shirt


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