These are the Moments…

“I’ll remember all my life…” as Edwin McCain once sang in his hit song. And in sticking with the theme of the remaining THB posts, I have given some thought to what have indeed been my favorite moments this year abroad. So, without further adieu, the winning 5 moments are (in no particular order):

1. My birthday celebration. It was an incredibly special day and one of, if not the best, birthdays I have had. One of my best friends came from the US, I shared my celebration with 13 new friends and everyone from home and more remembered to send a special wish to me. I sure felt the amor!

2. Visitors. I can’t be more specific because I enjoyed all my visitors for their own reasons. However, it was especially nice to see my parents, not once, but twice (and the second time with the bonus of my brother and sister-in-law). They have been following my experience closer than anyone, so for them to be here, sharing it with me, was great.

3. New Year’s Eve. New Year’s Eve is always so hyped up. It’s like if you don’t start the year off with a bang, it won’t be a good year. This year seemed different. I had just gotten back from England, so made impromptu plans, had friends over for a “pre party,” then we raced through the metro to get to my Spanish friend Jose’s house before midnight. We got there with 5 minutes to spare, chomped down on the traditional 12 grapes as the bells rang to midnight, then all hugged each other and celebrated. Fun, fun, fun.

4. Trips: Again, I can’t pick just one because they were all nice in their own ways. I think the most memorable was Ibiza just because we were on a boat for 5 days, but skiing in the Pyrenees, Menorca, England, Scotland, France, etc. were also fantastic. Even though I generally didn’t go too far from “base,” I learned there is a lot to see in this area!

5. First Barca game: I went with two friends and though we didn’t have the best seats in the world, we could see everything perfectly. I literally got chills down my spine when Barca came out to play and I just soaked it all in, thinking how cool it was to be there.

Limiting it to only five was a toughie and while I know I put that restriction on the post myself, I didn’t want to keep rambling and rambling. I do have a tendency to do that! Anyway, good times this year, good times indeed.

The birthday crew

The birthday crew

The whole fam in Barcelona

The whole fam in Barcelona

Happy 2009!

Happy 2009!

1st Barca game with Sam and Val

1st Barca game with Sam and Val


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