So Much and So Little Changes in a Year

Some people say not a whole lot changes in a year, but needless to say, for me, that has not been the case. In so many ways, I’m the same ol’ me and in other ways, I’m really a different person, with a changed outlook based on all the new world I have seen. So once again, to go along with the theme of the last posts, with Friday being the final, I thought I would recount how exactly I’ve changed!

1. Goodbye “luxuries:” When I say luxuries, I mean having a shower that stays hot for more than 3 minutes and doesn’t flood, a bedroom with a window, a quiet apartment, a dryer, access to shops/supermarkets on Sunday, unlimited use of a cell phone, a good salary, Tuttimelon, TV, etc. Well, while I once thought I couldn’t live without any of those, I have shown myself I most certainly can!

2. Drinking and I are no longer friends: I’ve never been an absolute crazy party girl, but I’ve had my moments through the years, even at the start of this adventure. However, I’ve parted ways with those types of nights and instead, I much prefer just one glass of wine or beer with dinner. Granny-style, maybe, but that’s how I roll!

3. “Ahek, ahek!:” Though I have chosen not to write about any sicknesses, I’ve been a lot sicker here than I was at home.  That’s a change for the worse! As of recent though, I’ve been a lot better, but it seems I’ve had one thing after another, from an upper respiratory infection to colds to stomach problems. Not so fun, but thankfully nothing grave, knock on wood!

4. Me, myself and I: I came here not really knowing anyone and as I built up a network, I had to learn to enjoy spending time on my own, something I really didn’t like back home. I always wanted to be around someone and when no one was around, I was bummed out. But I’m not like that anymore…I value time alone and I have developed enough hobbies and interests to not just pass the time, but rather, appreciate it.

5. Stressed? Me?!: I think city life can sometimes be stressful and when you add a full time job and other social pressures, it can be a bit overwhelming. And at times, like everyone, I did get quite overwhelmed in SF and little things continuously stressed me out. Well, those days are seemingly gone because not a whole lot has stressed me out this past year. Sure, I’ve had bad days, even bad weeks, but I’m better able to keep things in perspective and look at the big picture.

There ya have it, the new and improved me! When I go home, I imagine some things may have changed some, but in general, a lot of things will not have changed and it will feel second nature to integrate once again. I suppose a year, while you are living it, is a long time, but in the grand scheme of things, it’s a blip on the radar. Who knows…but I do know that on Saturday at 10:00am, it will have been exactly one year since I arrived to Barcelona and I can vouch for the former part of this post’s title, so much has changed!


One Response to So Much and So Little Changes in a Year

  1. We can’t wait to see you!
    Love Uncle Chuck

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