About Hoolia

My name is Hoolia and I have embarked on a journey to what I consider the other side of the world, good ol’ Barcelona, Spain, or, as they say, Bar-the-lona. I left it all behind for the bull fights, the flamenco dancing, the tapas and of course, the sangria! Here I will chronicle my journey and my observations through this amazing experience and hopefully generate a few laughs, smiles or maybe even some inspiration. It’s now or never, so let’s, as a wise person once said, kick this one out of the park!


2 Responses to About Hoolia

  1. Uncle Chuck says:

    Hi Julie,
    Did you receive my comment about your pasta dish?

  2. Uncle Chuck says:

    Hi Julie,
    I really enjoy reading your daily blogs. Sounds like you’re having quite a time there. Of course we miss you here, but nothing has changed much except we’re all getting older. Moraga is Moraga… Max is driving now and it’s quite an interesting situation. I actually can work full days now and not lose 2 hrs each day commuting to Piedmont. At the moment I’m in Scottsdale AZ and as you know, Tucson is just south. I thought about our drive there not so many years ago. What an experience and what an experience you are having. Obama is now President and you are an expatriot, at least for now. Stay well.
    Love, Uncle Chuck

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